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1701 Russell Blvd
Davis, CA 95616    (530) 756-5500

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Other Ministries

Adopt-A-HighwayLCI members and friends serve our community and care for God's creation through participation in theAdopt-A-Highway Caltrans Adopt-A-Highway program.  Volunteers maintain a two-mile stretch of Highway 113 just north of the church between Covell Boulevard and the Highway 29 interchange near the Davis Municipal Golf course.  In 2002, LCI was presented with a Volunteer of the Year award.  We are proud to also be a part of statewide efforts to clean up our environment through participation in California Clean Up Days that take place each Fall and Spring.  Please join us in this effort of service to our community.   This service project is supported by Lutheran Church of the Incarnation and its Witness & Service Committee.

Social and Environmental Justice Advocacy.  Socialadvocacy and Environmental Justice Advocacy. As part of LCI's goal to support and advocate for the poor and care for God's creation, LCI members and friends pray, write letters, and call the Governor, the President and/or state and national legislators on timely social and environmental justice issues. We also make lobbying visits to legislative offices (usually joining the efforts of partners, such as California Interfaith Power & Light, Bread for the World, or Green California). LCI members frequently receive replies to their letters; sometimes letters from LCI and others cause legislators and officials to change their minds! Topics for the letters are suggested by the Lutheran Office of Public Policy, California Council of Churches, Bread for the World and/or the Lutheran Office of Governmental Affairs. Letter writing happens once a month, responding to timely issues. Paper, pens, stamps, sample letters and fact sheets are provided. If you have questions, please contact Jo Ann Anderson via email or at (530) 668-8836. This hyperlink will take you to a list of our advocacy actions and results from last year.

Caregivers is a support ministry designed to give individuals or families going through a change in their life, be it difficult or joyous, someone to walk along side them and lend support.  This may be provided in a number of ways including meals, rides, respite care, prayer, a listening ear, or a one on one connection from one who has had a similar life experience.  It is a ministry of care and compassion not one of professional counseling.  Contact Bonnie Green for more information: (530) 756-0767.

Visiting Ministry.  LCI has 4 persons who serve as Visiting Ministers.  These persons bring the sacrament of Holy Communion to our sick and/or shut-in members, usually on the second Sunday of each month.  These Ministers meet as a group (along with Pastor Dan) every three months and visit as schedules allow. Members of LCI who wish to be considered for appointment to this ministry or want to discuss its processes may contact Bonnie Green via email or at (530) 756-0767 or Jo Ann Anderson at (530) 668-8836.

Campus Ministry.  LCI supports the Lutheran Episcopal Campus Ministry at The Belfry which provides worship and programs that nurture the faith of young people familiar with the Lutheran and Episcopal churches at UC Davis and CSU Sacramento while appealing to unchurched seekers.  Located at The Belfry, 216 A Street in Davis, directly across the street from Young Hall, LECM serves as a home away from home for many students.  For more information, contact campus chaplain, Pastor Jocelynn Hughes at (530) 756-1550 or visit the LECM website at:

Men's Fellowship.  All men are invited to participate in our Men's Fellowship Group.  This group that meets every Thursday at Caffé Italia.  This group supports its participants by sharing and discussing stories, news, and concerns.  The group ends its time together with prayer.  For more information, please contact Dick Berry at (530) 753-6437.  All men are invited to participate in our Men's Fellowship Group.  Come and share yourself, and share the Christ who is among us.

Women's Book Groups.  LCI has two active women’s book groups. Each group enjoys fellowship, reading and discussion together. The afternoon group meets on the first and third Mondays and the evening group meets on the second and fourth Mondays. For a contact with exact times and locations contact the church office.

Women's Thursday Morning Quilting Group.  The women’s quilting group meets Thursdays from 9:00 – 11:00 am in the South Room, except on the 5th Thursday of the month when they have breakfast out. Contact Lynn Evert via email or at (530) 756-2030 or Louise Wilson at (530) 758-4737 for more information.

Young at Heart, Worship, and Humor Group (YHWH).  The purpose of the Young at Heart, Worship and Humor Group is to provide social activities for non-Youth Group members and friends of LCI, and to provide an avenue for outreach to friends of LCI and the greater 'Young at Heart' community. YHWH organizes Movie Nights, Pancake Breakfasts, Bike Rides, and other activities. This group is open to anyone. Contact Emily Rustad via email or at (248) 408-1251 if you'd like more information or have questions.

Prayer Chain.  Prayer is a vital part of our life together.  If you are in need of prayer or you know of someone who needs prayer support, our Prayer Chain is available to offer prayers of thanksgiving, praise, and supplication. Carole Franti is our Prayer Chain Coordinator.  To make prayer requests or to join the Prayer Chain, please contact Carole via email or at (530) 756-3601.

The Property Committee is responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of the buildings, surrounding grounds, and parking lot at LCI.  Virtually all of the maintenance work is done by volunteers on work days, held as needed, beginning with devotions and breakfast at 8:00 am.  Everyone is welcome to help.  Business meetings for the Property Committee are held during the midmorning break on the announced Work Days held most months. Please contact Peter Kennedy at (530) 756-8812 for more information.

Witness and Service.  Witnessing and serving are important aspects of doing God’s work.  By encouraging these efforts both within and outside the walls of the Lutheran Church of the Incarnation, we strive to celebrate grace in Jesus, to go and make disciples, and to make a difference in our community and beyond.  One of our goals is to create an atmosphere for our visitors that provides them with the desire to return and to become a part of our community.  Greeters and ushers are available at each worship service to assist and answer questions.  Fellowship is encouraged through a time for refreshments and conversation after each worship service.

Through the service aspect of our committee, we guide the congregation toward seeking out and providing for the needs of those less fortunate.  Some examples of the services we provide are:

  • collecting food for the needy
  • witnessing to and providing assistance for the sick
  • making quilts for those with inadequate shelter
  • supporting our high school youth on their annual pilgrimage to build a house for a needy family in Mexico
  • making lunch for the homeless in Woodland
  • regularly cleaning up a two mile stretch of Highway 113.
More volunteers are always needed, and we are continuously seeking other ways to provide aid and comfort to those who need it.  If you are interested in becoming a part of this vital ministry or have any questions, our planning meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month or you may email the committee co-chairs, Lynn Evert & Karen Hamilton.  All are welcome!

The Worship Committee is made up of multiple subcommittees which work collectively to prepare the sanctuary for worship, to prepare individuals who are to participate in worship in a variety of roles, and also to plan the worship services themselves.  For more information visit our Worship and Music page.

Mission Trip to Mexico.  For more than 20 years LCI has organized a Mission Trip team that travels to Mexico to build a home most every summer. The team partners with Amor Ministries in San Diego. The team is a intergenerational group that consists of youth, families, couples and individuals. It is not necessary to be a member at LCI to join the team. Planning begins organizing the trip in about January of each year. View this video to see what the 2016 team accomplished this past year. If you are interested in more information contact the trip coordinators Debbie & Peter Kennedy via email or at (530) 756-8812, or Ellen & Paul Kolarik via email or at (530) 756-6278.

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